We would like to present an innovative construction of the glass tank prepared by our company and called Classic Paludarium.
We designed it specially for lovers of aquarium fish. It combines water-land environment imitating natural habitat of amphibians and bottom living fish with water-land environment vegetation in the form of a mini-garden in one aesthetic form which gives a fantastic final effect, in a beautiful unparalled so far form.

The essence of the Paludarium's construction is the combination of both types of environment with many innovative construction elements which make it easy, simple, pleasent and satisfying to use and operate.
The sets consist of a glass tank, two tanks for land plants with plugged dewatering zone, decorative pebbles, water flowerpot, heater with thermostat, filter with cartridges, LCD thermometer, aeration waterfall. Each set is also accompanied by waterproof service manual and hobbyist's guide. Depending on a type of equipment we provide an extensive starting set which includes care agents, nutriment, water treatment chemical agents and turtle foods.

You can find the remaining product information in the extensive service manual below.

Types of Classic Paludariums:

No. Type Article number Size (width x depth x height)
1 PK-1 40101 50x40x25/35
2 PK-2 40102 60x40x25/35
3 PK-3 40103 80x50x30/40
4 PK-4 40104 100x50x30/40